Austrian HFT Competition am 12.10.13 (Ferlach, AUSTRIA)

V minulosti fórum o online-chatu, nyní již takový obecný pokec ;)

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Re: Austrian HFT Competition am 12.10.13 (Ferlach, AUSTRIA)

Příspěvek od Airgun Austria » 14 zář 2013 08:00

G morning!
Most in our group are active hunters, HFT with air weapons for us just means fun of it and we shoot our hunting similar, with us, the site is used and there is then already shot over the backpack or on the floor, we HFT shoot as we go hunting too!

For us, the amusement and pure fun of it, so stay relaxed! :wink:
We take the liberty to shoot HFT as it is fun for us!
Good shoot Ingo